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Batman, Robin, a Smurf, and David Hasselhoff Fought Crime in the UK Last Week

That is not a series of words we would ever expect to write. Guys, what is even happening over there?


A guy dressed as Robin was assaulted while innocently spending time with friends dressed as Batman, a giant Smurf, and David Hasselhoff in the UK last week, and the entire crew sprang into action to catch the attacker. Is it weird that the part of this we’re having trouble accepting is someone dressed as Hasselhoff?

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We’re baffled at who would think it’s a good idea to assault Robin while Batman is standing right there, but we can only assume he was working for the Joker, because this is apparently the world we now live in. Luckily, Robin was mostly unharmed, and the group managed to track the criminal down (after responsibly alerting the authorities) and subdue him in a local grocery store.

The police, for their part, seemed to appreciate the oddball nature of what had just transpired, and they later sent out a few tweets that demonstrated an excellent sense of humor.

It sounds like something right out of the old Adam West Batman TV show. We’re just glad it turned out that no one was seriously hurt so that we can all enjoy this incredibly surreal event. Well, except the guy who got arrested and pled guilty to the attack. He probably doesn’t think it’s so funny, but that’s his own fault.

On the upside, we’re now big fans of the East Lothian Police. Any friend of Batman is a friend of ours.

(via The Independent, image via enigmabadger)

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