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A Fight Choreographer, Some Good Cosplay, and A Replica Batpod Do Not a Good Batman Fan Film Make

Consider the Following

I don’t ask much from the writers of Batman fan films. I respect the desire to make a totally wicked visual tribute to the Dark Knight, especially if your strengths as a group of filmmakers are costuming, action sequences and fight choreography. And I enjoy the results of every attempt. You’re looking at a person whose favorite Batman fan film is one where he fights a xenomorph and then the Predator.

It seems cruel to me to post something that people obviously worked really hard on just to take it down a peg, so let me say this: this is probably the best produced Batman fan film I’ve ever seen. The fight choreography is incredible. Everything about it is great except for the writing. I’ll leave my textual concerns, lifted from my GChat conversation with Geekosystem’s Max and edited for public consumption, behind the jump.

“Batman’s sure taking his sweet ass time throwing henchmen off that fire escape that are just watching that lady get mugged. I mean… that lady is totally getting mugged. Like right now.”

“This is the Joker’s big plan? Stick himself out the passenger side window of a white van and hit people with a two by four as he passes them?”

“THRILL… as Batman carefully observes the speed limit on his street legal motorcycle.”

“Oh no the Joker threw a grenade at me let me look around for a place to go… as if I’m not standing in an open space already… before I run away… and then get hit by the explosion. :( ”

“”Looks like our plan worked, Mistah Jay.’ Yes, your plan to throw a small group of dudes at Batman, tie him up, not kill him, leave, have him escape from an oddly larger group of dudes even after a sledgehammer to the face, lead him somewhere else, throw dudes at him, and then throw a grenade at him. And that worked.”

“This is clearly why the Joker earned the moniker ‘The Clown Prince of Crime’ and why he is feared throughout Gotham city. It’s only this level of diabolical intellect that could throw various dudes and a grenade at Batman. It’s not as if that is what everyone does, all the time, forever.”

(via Topless Robot.)


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