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Next Time You Commit a Crime* Just Blame it on Batman

Don't Try This At Home

Next time I get caught J-walking I’m totally blaming it on Captain America. At least it’ll be less extreme than the man in Pittsburgh who got caught trying to jack a car and said it was all a part of the script for The Dark Knight Rises, which was filming nearby.

The man, 21-year-old Micah Calamosca, made the mistake of attempting to car-jack a plainclothes officer.

The officer, Detective Robert DiGiacomo, was in the area looking for an assault suspect, when Calamosca jumped in the car and ordered the police officer out. DiGiacomo, having none of this sh*t, pulled his gun and in turn ordered Calamosca out. Calamosca then got very apologetic very quickly and told the officer that taking the car was just part of filming for The Dark Knight Rises, and that the script had told him to do it.

The officer, not being a complete idiot, didn’t buy it. Calamosca is not in custody facing charges of robbery of a motor vehicle.

*We do not condone the committing of crimes.

(My Fox Philly via BuzzFeed)

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