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Batkid Saves the Citizens of San Francisco Today Thanks to Make-A-Wish [Updated]

#SFBatkid is trending on Twitter, because this is incredible.


[UPDATE] You can watch Batkid live right here! Somehow, it’s even more adorable than we expected. He saved a woman from the Riddler and then hugged her. Best day ever. We’re not getting anything else done today.

Additionally, you can watch him move around the city by helicopter cam:

Live streaming video by Ustream

[UPDATE 2:25PM EST]The live stream is having trouble catching up after the Batmobile smoked them, but here’s the damsel in distress Batkid saved in the first few moments of the stream. Then he gave her a hug for maximum adorableness.

San Francisco is gearing up for Batkid today as Make-A-Wish transforms the city into Gotham City for 5-year-old Miles to save the day. Twitter is already exploding with pictures and fans cheering for Miles, and the event hasn’t even started. Expect to see a lot of heart-melting child heroics later in the day.

Miles is a leukemia patient whose wish was to be his hero, Batman. Make-A-Wish and San Francisco are turning that into a reality for him today as he saves damsels in distress and stops the Riddler and Penguin with the help of an adult Batman and their very own Batmobile.

Seriously, check out the awesome special edition of the San Francisco Chronicle they’ll be handing out. Doesn’t it make you just… awwwwwwww. They’re really pulling out all the stops.

Ha! The Riddler bomb he’s going to disarm is amazing. Every time we see something new from this event, we get impressed with how far they’re going all over again.

Make-A-Wish encourages anyone in the area to make a sign and show up to cheer Batkid on. We’re quickly approaching a critical mass of heartwarming.

You can also follow the Penguin from the event on Twitter, which we recommend, because he’s being hilarious.

There are also approximately infinity tweets like this cheering Miles on, so go ahead and encourage him yourself with #SFBatkid!

(via Make-A-Wish Bay Area on Twitter, image via Make-A-Wish)

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