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John Barrowman Apprehends Thief, Offers Job; Is Captain Jack in Real Life

We Can Be Heroes

John Barrowman, guest star on the BBC series Doctor Who and star of its spinoff Torchwood plays what most would categorize as a hero. The character of Captain Jack may have a shady past and may not have always had the best intentions but since meeting the Doctor has attempted to make good and help save the world. Now, Barrowman himself is playing the hero in real life. Recently, the actor stopped a would-be thief and then suggested giving the youth a job to get him away from a life of crime. As if we don’t swoon over you enough, Barrowman… 

The incident occurred at the Radisson Blu hotel in Glasgow where the actor was staying, according to Wales Online. They say Barrowman tackled the thief who had ransacked a room and punched a member of staff. “The 44-year-old is said to have dragged the fleeing teen to the ground to subdue him, moments after arriving at the hotel from Newcastle, where he had been at a concert with his parents,” writes the paper. “Barrowman stopped the youngster in his tracks after a woman and her husband had woken to find two boys ransacking their room in the early hours of Thursday and a hotel worker was punched.”

Here’s what went down according to Barrowman:

The concierge was trying to sort my air conditioning.We heard this woman scream and shout, ‘Stop him, stop him.’ We saw this young boy running down the hallway. I told the concierge to chase him and called the hotel operator and told them to block the staircase so we could get him. The lad had tried to get away through the staff elevator and punched the concierge. I grabbed the kid’s ankles, yanked him to the ground and then pulled him out into the hallway. I pinned him down. My tour manager then arrived and the three of us held him down until the police came.

I can see this on my TV screen now. Unfortunately a second thief managed to escape and police are searching for him.

But the story doesn’t end there, the paper says Barrowman offered the thief a job backstage in the pantomime he’s currently performing in at Glasgow’s Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. “It was sad. He was only 14 or 15. I think he was on drugs,” he said. “But I’d like to find out the boy’s story and give him a second chance. Maybe he could work in the pantomime over Christmas to give him a sense of responsibility.”

I hear there are a few openings at Torchwood too but that may not be the best job option.

(via Agent M Loves Tacos)


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