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Here Are All the New Banksy Pieces You Missed Between Friday and Today

Go find 'em now -- some might already be gone tomorrow.


Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? Because the street artist Banksy sure did. He’s been running around New York City all October as part of a self-proclaimed residency project, and he got a lot done since we last checked into his work on Friday. Come see for yourself.


This graffiti-covered delivery truck has been converted into a “mobile garden” complete with a never-setting sun, rainbow, waterfall, and plastic butterflies. It will supposedly appear in a different location at dusk every night.

banksy garden

According to the accompanying audio guide, which you can also listen to on Banksy’s website, this “fully mobile, diesel powered landscape,” is different from all over delivery trucks in the city because it isĀ “delivering calm.” The speaker also quotes a lengthy passage of Steinbeck’s Grapes ofWrath, perhaps to stick it to all those naysayers who don’t think any of this is really Art with a capital A.


There was no new painting or installation to be found — guess even illegal street artists need a day off once in a while — but Banksy did put this up on his website to tide everyone over:

Commentary on Middle Eastern politics? A clue guiding us to the location of Banksy’s next piece? (Dumbo, Brooklyn, if this theory is to be believed). Just a weird idea the artist had while drunk? Nobody knows


According to Banksy’s website, this new illustration of a band-aid covered balloon appears somewhere in Brooklyn — so there could be something to the “Dumbo as clue” theory after all.


As of now we’re not actually sure where this new piece is located, but hopefully it hasn’t been buffed over yet. That would be quite disappointing.

(via Banksy)

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