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Okay, We’ll Admit it: Banksy’s Two Latest New York Artworks Are Pretty Great

Unless you hate Banksy on principal, in which case we don't know what to tell you.

Last time we saw one of the pieces Banksy uploaded to his website we were kind of… well, bored, to be honest. These latest two are decidedly awesome and thought provoking, though, even if you’re not sure you like street art.

Here is yesterday’s, which is in the Lower East Side on 59 Ludlow Street, between Stanton and Rivington:

crazy horse

In addition to being painted on multiple surfaces to give the image depth, the accompanying audio guide packs a real wallop — it’s sound footage from Collateral Murder, the infamous Wikileaks video that shows U.S. soldiers gunning down Iraqi civilians and children. Crazy Horse, indeed.

And here is today’s, at Bradford St and Pitkin Ave in East New York:


Get it? Because it’s a beaver and it totally chewed through that signpost? Eh? Eh?

Hey, they can’t all be commentaries on military atrocities. Sometime you just want a cute visual pun. You know, unless a bunch of guys cover up the piece and charge you $5 to see it, like these two did:

(via Banksy, addresses via Village Voice and HyperAllergic)

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