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Bandai Namco Cracking Down on Explicit Custom Characters

Ivy Soul Calibur VI

From the moment humans discovered art, they have found ways to draw dicks things. When it comes to fans creating characters, even I, noted feminist, have loved to give OCs saucy names and other racy features.

When WWE games let you create original wrestlers, I give all my female characters oversized breasts, because it’s amusing in a childish way. Still, I’m the only one playing the game with my creations, and my perverse imagination was mine and mine alone. With some games allowing you to take these customizable characters online, they can be pushed on other players.

However, game developers at Bandai Namco are going to be cracking down in the upcoming Soul Calibur VI. In a press release, the company has announced that they will start banning and putting penalties on players who use these kinds of characters.

Considering that Soul Calibur games are rated T for teens, I can understand why the developers don’t want to get too explicit and show full frontal dicks and vulvas as an option in their customizable content. However, it’s also teenagers, and if they see a dude with a giant crotch it’ll more likely just be exhausting and annoying than traumatic.

The response from players, at this point, seems positive. It seems like a lot of people were not interested in seeing a bunch of more explicit versions of Voldo.

When you allow customization and the ability to play with others across different age groups, a bit of censorship is common. There are certain words you can’t name your Pokémon for that exact reason … I’ve tried.

What the company is doing makes sense, but it’s also the end result of what happens when you allow these mechanics to be a part of your game in the first place and when you have female characters already designed in sexualized ways (and Voldo). What will happen in the future is yet to be seen, and I’m sure people will find ways around these safeguards, but considering all the other issues that online gaming has, like harassment, this seems like a smaller issue.

Still, as I don’t play online games save for Magic: Duels, maybe this is a much bigger improvement than I’m giving it credit for?

Gamers, let me know below: Is this a good idea?

(image: Bandai Namco)

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