Backwards-Moving Flash Mob Confuses the Hell Out of NYC Tourists [Video]

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New York City is a weird enough place, justifying daily the phrase “only in New York!” As the Geekosystem office is situated in the Big Apple — which no one who lives here calls it, by the way — we’re happy whenever something positive livens up our town. In a prelude to April Fool’s Day, more than 2,000 people moved backwards in Times Square for 5 minutes, confusing locals and tourists alike.

This is the skulduggery of Improv Everywhere, a “New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” The event took place previously in mid-afternoon with the intent to make it seem “like the world is going in reverse,” but they’ve shared the footage today.

Now I love these guys, because what this city needs most is to laugh more, and freak out tourists more effectively. To do both in one fell swoop is a feat worthy of praise.


(Improve Everywhere, via LaughingSquid, images courtesy of )

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