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Baby Yoda Watch: Sir Grogu Got His Own New Ride

Grogu waving on the Mandalorian

My favorite time of the week is back! We’re here with a brand new installment of Baby Yoda Watch, where we unpack everything our favorite green friend did throughout the most recent episode of The Mandalorian. As we get closer to the finale, the stakes are high for Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) as they try to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: Mandalore.

But when problems arise, they’re forced to try to keep their two clans together and fight for the Mandalorian way. For Grogu, he’s there and ready to do whatever his dad and new mom (Bo-Katan and maybe even the Armorer?) need of him. Because isn’t that what Grogu does best? Make sure everyone he’s close to is safe and protected even if he’s not sure how to help them?

So let’s unpack everything that happened in the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, titled “The Spies,” through Grogu’s eyes because, well, he was on one this week.

Going to Nevarro on a mission

The last we saw of Din and Bo-Katan, they were helping Captain Bombardier and the Dutchess with their droid rebellion. And it resulted in Grogu getting knighted. So now Sir Grogu doesn’t just ride in the back of the control room of Bo-Katan’s Gauntlet. Instead, he rides sitting in the front seat on Bo’s lap because that’s what a knight does … right?

Grogu in a ship with Bo Katan and Din in the Mandalorian

But they’re heading to Nevarro to bring the rest of Bo-Katan’s clan to meet up with the Children of the Watch. Which also means going to see Greef Karga, who tells Din that he has a gift for him. While the adults are talking, Sir Grogu is sitting on a table and eating—because it’s Grogu and that’s what he always does.

It’s funny because he really does look like when my cat gets up on the table and just sits down. Like, this tiny creature is on a big table, trying to take up space and it’s adorable. But Grogu is minding his own business until suddenly an old friend comes into the room.

Grogu on a table

That old friend is the IG-11 droid (Taika Waititi) who helped take care of Grogu and Din back in season 1. One of the Anzellans (the same Anzellan that Grogu tried to hug) drive him in, and he runs away yelling “Bad baby!” before Grogu can grab him. Funny little Anzellan, thinking you have Grogu’s attention at all.

As the Anzellan is running away, Grogu walks up to the IG unit hoping for his friend to come back. Instead, he’s reunited with his old friend and he gets new wheels in the process. It’s a real win-win situation for Grogu.

Babu Frik saying keep that baby away from me on the mandalorian about grogu

Karga made the droid functional so it could be controlled by someone else, meaning that Grogu can drive it. And when Din says Grogu is too young, he keeps using IG-11 to say no to him and yes to Greef Karga as he tries to plead with Din to just let him try it out.

Grogu suddenly having too much power on the mandalorian

Which is maybe also a problem because he does end up stealing some food when they go out into the streets of Nevarro …

Grogu stealing food on the Mandalorian

And he destroys a fruit just because he can.

Grogu killing fruit on the Mandalorian

It all leads to a feast between the Mandalorian clans, though—and the reminder that no matter how much Nevarro has welcomed them into their world with open arms, this is not their home. The Mandalorians belong on Mandalore, and they all know that.

So they make a plan to scope out their former home to see where they can begin to rebuild, and Din volunteers himself for the task, along with Grogu, who is standing up to show he confirms.

Grogu volunteering as Tribute on the Mandalorian

Hanging with the ladies

Now Sir Grogu in his new ride gets to ride with the cool kids (Bo-Katan and the Armorer), and I truly do think he has decided that they’re his moms.

Grogu on the ship with the cool ladies on the mandalorian

They land and he’s looking around like, “I remember the last time that I was here” because, well, he probably does. It didn’t go great. His dad almost died four times just trying to exist in the world, and knowing Grogu, he’s probably like, “I’m going to have to save this himbo again at some point.”

Grogu on mandalore like why did I agree to this on the mandalorian

Their adventure led them to Mandalorians who fly around Mandalore on a pirate ship, but they were too weak to help the others reclaim Mandalore. So they send those who are too weak back with the Armorer to the other ship and the rest to come help Din and Bo-Katan figure out what’s going on.

Grogu bo and din watching the ship go bye on the mandalorian

Grogu doesn’t like the fighting

The fighting just keeps happening while Grogu is running around and constantly just trying to keep up in his IG-ride.

Grogu looking brave on the Mandalorian

He realizes quickly that this was a mistake when they instantly have to start running again. Which, look, if I was Grogu and every single adventure I went on with my dad resulted in me running for my life, I’d also start to question some things. He’s just a 55-year-old baby running around in the heart of an IG unit. You can’t expect him to be great at this!

But it leads to Grogu frantically watching as Din Djarin gets separated from him, captured by Moff Gideon, and then he’s forced to flee through a hole in the door that Bo cut using the Darksaber.

Grogu saying oh no my dad on the Mandalorian


And that’s what you missed in Grogu’s big week.

(featured image: Lucasfilm)

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