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Baby Yoda Watch: Grogu Gets It on This Week’s ‘The Mandalorian’

Grogu in his little flying ship thing just ready to watch events unfold

Even when he doesn’t have much to do, Grogu is still stealing that spotlight. And he has yet again shown us all that he knows whether or not to insert himself into a situation. On this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, Grogu isn’t really a focus but he’s still funny and relatable even when he’s in the background just trying to make it out of a situation alive. Because really, when isn’t Grogu just trying to mind his business and survive something bad?

Starting right where we left off in the episode before, “The Convert” takes us back into the Mines of Mandalore to see Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) coming to terms with what she saw there and Grogu still worrying about his dad. But overall, the episode was light on Grogu due to the divide in the story.

Still, we had some pretty fun moments with our green-eared son and so looking at what we did get from him is a short fun adventure into the Baby Yoda chronicles. Honestly, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but I would watch Grogu just walking around for an hour so these little background moments are still amazing.

So let’s dive in and check on our boy and see how he was doing in Chapter 19 “The Convert”! Spoilers for season 3 of The Mandalorian lie ahead.

Not having it

Grogu checking on Din

We start where we left off: With Din (Pedro Pascal) nearly having drowned in the waters of Mandalore and Bo-Katan realizing that everything she thought was a lie might actually be true. Grogu is too busy trying to make sure his dad isn’t dead while Bo-Katan is having a crisis of her faith and what she thought she knew.

It’s hilarious because Grogu really is just in the background poking at Din. Because they don’t take his helmet off, he really could have died and I like that Grogu is the only one who is seemingly concerned about his well-being. Even if he’s just poking at him until he starts coughing.

But when the team goes back to Bo-Katan’s ship and is met with fighters coming after them, Grogu is yet again relatable because he nopes out so hard. The ship is going fast, trying to escape, R5 is on the ground just sliding everywhere, and Grogu decided to just shut the lid on his ship and stay in there.

Grogu closing his ship saying no thanks

And then that’s pretty much all we see for most of the episode. Grogu eventually opens his ship back up and is listening as Din (who went to get into the Naboo N-1 starfighter) is telling Bo-Katan to jump to a safe place he knows and then we see them leave without knowing where they’re going…

Heading back to those people who don’t like him

Grogu flying in his ship

When we do eventually check back in on Din and Bo-Katan, they’ve ended up on the same planet that the Children of the Watch are on. Din acted like it was because it was “safe” but it really is giving that energy of someone who just wants to get something done and over with. So he goes to prove he bathed in the waters of Mandalore and redeems himself and Bo-Katan in the process.

For Grogu, he’s just chilling. He flies around in his little ship, watches everyone and sees what they’re up to, and basically minds his own business and honestly? Good for him.


Really need Grogu to start talking soon because I feel like he would have had some great one-liners in this episode. Until then though, we’ll have to just love when he’s thrown around or decides he’s had enough.

(Featured image: Lucasfilm)

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