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Windows' Cloud System Beats Google and Amazon in Speed Test

Though Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is just over a year and a half old, it has already snatched the title of fastest cloud platform from competitors like Amazon and Google. The title was bestowed upon Azure by an independent review of cloud services carried out by Compuware, and involved comparing loading times for a two-page website on each of the services.

Azure took the top spot at 6.07ms, followed by the Google App Engine which lagged a half a second longer. Amazon’s cloud platform brought up the rear with 7.20ms for sites hosted on the East Coast and 8.11ms for sites hosted further West. This is significant for Microsoft, since Windows 8 has key functions that depend on Azure. Fast response times could mean a better Windows 8, and it’s a feather in the cap for Azure as they try to lure more developers over to their service. With Amazon’s spot of trouble with the service earlier in the year, the promise of fast speeds could prove too tempting to pass up.

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