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Aww, Look at This Poor Breitbart Editor Being Personally Attacked by Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence & the Statue of Liberty

This week, Vogue released the cover for their September issue featuring Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence actually got four covers by five different artists, but the one drawing attention is this shot by Annie Leibovitz, with the statue of liberty in the background. At any other point in time, one of the most famous actresses of the day posing in front of an American landmark would have been heralded as a patriotic photo. But because we’re living in the upside-down, right-wing trolls like this Breitbart editor have now decided the Statue of Liberty is anti-American leftist propaganda.

Thanks to Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller’s white nationalist talking points, the Statue of Liberty is now seen as an “attack” on the right. First of all, does someone want to tell John Carney how magazines work?

And even if this were a pointed response to Miller’s assertion that the poem on the statue was meaningless because it was “added later” and therefore the new immigration reform he and Trump put together is totally in line with American ideals–even if that were what’s happening, how are people suddenly onboard with viewing the literal symbol of American idealism as a weapon of the left?

Predictably, Carney’s response to everyone laughing at him for losing his shit over a picture of the Statue of Liberty was to say that we were all “triggered.” Yes, that’s right. Us. Not the man who can’t look at a magazine cover.

Best of all, Carney has a solution to this damn leftist fashion industry problem. Brietbart Fashion!


Can you imagine the garbage dump mediocrity? What would that even look like? The internet has a few ideas.

Cargo shorts for everyone!

Everything made in China!

And, obviously, the end goal:

If you need a little strength and intelligence to cleanse your brain of that right-wing idiocy, this same issue of Vogue also features an in-depth profile of Chelsea Manning.

Go ahead and spend a few minutes with that to wash the Breitbart from your memory. You deserve it.

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