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For $10 a Month, Someone Will Call You and Say “You’re Awesome” Every Day

Now here’s an idea: Why practice self-affirmation when you can outsource it? Awesomeness Reminders is a $10-a-month service that consists of a person calling you every day to say “you’re awesome” and say generally positive things and wish you a happy day. Zack Burt, the site’s founder, assures us all that it is actually real:

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Is this a joke? The website swears it is not (twice) and founder Zachary Burt tells NewsFeed that the site is “very real.” According to Burt, the business started up just last week and currently counts just over 100 subscribers. Burt began by making all the calls himself before enlisting his roommate to help out. The company hired its first outside caller on Friday.

There are already 305 subscribers, according to; they recommend it as a gift for “yourself, a friend, or your child.” One can also tweak a subscription to get customized messages, although given the service’s capitalist kumbaya vibe, we’re guessing they’d frown on using it to deliver daily nastygrams. (That being what the Internet is for.)

(via MeFi, TIME)

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