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Check Out This High Fantasy Take on The Avengers

Fans Do Cool Things

Fanart never ceases to amaze us. The time and the talent poured into depictions of often fictional characters, the results of which have the power to even outdo the PR teams and artists who are actually employed to promote the thing in the first place. It’s what we love about fandom: the power that fans have to take one thing they love and mix it with so many other things. Like these super intense illustrations by deviantartist theDurrian, which takes characters from The Avengers and infuses them with “high/dark/epic fantasy.” 

Maybe if Loki’d tried to take over the world in the Middle Ages he’d might’ve had better luck getting people to kneel?

And here’s Hawkeye…


Captain America seems to have signed that contract to crossover with the Alien franchise…

Black Widow…

The Hulk…

And Fury…

Pretty intense, right?

Although we have to admit, we’d love to see how Agent Coulson’s suit and bluetooth would translate.

(via GeeksnGamers)

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