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Late Night Hosts: “Now Is Not the Time” Means “Never” on Gun Control

The last two days have been terrible due to the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, which resulted in nearly 60 deaths and over 500 people injured. Those who don't see it as a rallying cry for real legislative attempts to prevent this from happening have already started saying it's too soon after the tragedy to talk about such a thing, which is nonsense for several reasons, including that the U.S. averages one mass shooting per day, with a "major" one about every two months.

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It (2017): The Surprising Subversiveness of Beverly Marsh

Going into It, my expectations weren’t high. After all, it’s an adaptation of a book whose sole female character is largely defined by sexual violence and exploitation through an adult male gaze. Yet, as well as being a surprisingly well-crafted horror movie, this new adaptation reclaims Beverly Marsh’s sexuality as something quietly subversive.

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Some Useful Info on Last Night’s Las Vegas Shooting and How You Can Help

Last night marked another tragic milestone in the history of gun violence, with the most deadly mass shooting in modern U.S. history unfolding in Las Vegas. There's a lot of information floating around, so we've condensed things down to what you need to know, as well as some info on how you can potentially help out.

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DC’s Got the Right Idea in Deviating From the “Shared Universe” Formula, but Will It Work?

Everything is going according to plan!

Cinematic universes are all the rage right now, despite that Marvel is the only company to have really made one work up to their level of scale and success—and even that has its flaws. Meanwhile, the DC Extended Universe, despite being adapted from its own interconnected comic book universe, has struggled a bit to find the same footing, despite some fairly successful franchise entries. Now, it seems like they're thinking that deviating from the Marvel norm might be the way to go.

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Lynda Carter Herself Sticks Up for Wonder Woman Against James Cameron

You might have thought that would be the end of it when Director Patty Jenkins shut down James Cameron's unnecessary trashing of Wonder Woman, wherein he managed to hold himself up as a feminist standard. But he was back at it again earlier this week, so now someone else has stepped up to tell him to stay in his lane: Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

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How? How Is This David S. Pumpkins Animated Special a Real Thing?


The star of last year's inexplicable breakout hit "Haunted Elevator" Saturday Night Live sketch, David S. Pumpkins, is getting a half-hour animated special. No, I cannot explain why.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Pushes for Universal Health Care

Julia Louis Dreyfus—Veep star, comedic master, and serial Emmy winner (the most for a single role, now)—just announced that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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The Fosters Finale Hit Home in a Huge Way on the Fight to Save DACA

From the privatization of foster care to the challenges facing trans youth, The Fosters has never shied away from tackling social issues, and with the repeal of DACA underway—as well as the fight to save it—its season finale hit home in a huge way.

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Mario, True Villain, Was Indeed Supposed to Be Punching Yoshi in Super Mario World

Sprites in video games were a frequent cause for confusion back in the day, causing frequent arguments over just what some of them were supposed to be. Before the internet, it was also a lot harder to hash out who was right, but now we have access to nearly endless (and largely useless) knowledge, and we're finally getting answers—some of them mildly disturbing.

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Samantha Bee Calls Out Trump’s BS in Puerto Rico Crisis

Things are terrible in Puerto Rico following a direct hit with Hurricane Maria, and for many of the people who live there, problems are only mounting as time drags on without power, communication, or even clean drinking water. It's a tragedy of incredible scale, and despite what imaginary grades Donald Trump imagines he's getting, the response has been lacking.

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Treat! Definitely Treat. Hocus Pocus Writer Says a Sequel May Be Coming.

Like the Sanderson sisters themselves, news of a Hocus Pocus sequel has been resurrected. We've been let down in the past by talk of a followup to the oddball Halloween classic, but this time, Mick Garris, writer of the original, is the one who said the magic words, so we're hoping that won't happen again.

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Women Who Rock Whom You Might Have Missed: Thao Nguyen

Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter Thao Nguyen balances her playful swagger with a gentle melancholy. Inspired by folk and country and infused with elements of punk and hip hop, she has developed a style that's disarmingly unique. Even at its softest, there's a sense of urgency in her voice, and her often autobiographical lyrics give her songs emotional resonance.

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The One Thing All of Twitter Agrees On: No One Wants More Twitter

Truly bringing people together.

You know what no one feels like we need in a time when Twitter helped deposit an ignorant maniac in the White House and is also a breeding ground for hate groups? More Twitter. So, in typical Twitter fashion, that's exactly what we got with the social media platform's small test run of 280-character tweets—double the usual limit.

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Congressman Publicly Says He Would Call Female Colleagues “Eye Candy” If It Weren’t Sexist

Representative Mark Walker, of North Carolina, made a sexist comment today when speaking about the Republican Study Committee's legislative priorities. I don't know how he's going to argue that, when he specifically explained that it would be sexist to say the very thing that he did indeed say, publicly, into a microphone, in front of his colleagues, but he's sure going to try.

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So Say We All: A Look at the Awesome Science of Battlestar Galactica

It’s been over a decade since a reimagined version of a '70s cult favorite sci-fi series premiered on the Sci Fi Channel and took the world of science fiction by storm. One Peabody, two Emmys, a couple spinoffs, and 12 years later, Battlestar Galactica’s popularity still feels novel. How did what’s ostensibly a space opera about the war between humans and the Cylons—the hyper-realistic robots they created—gain so much acclaim? And why did so many non-sci-fi fans end up watching and loving it?

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Iran Tricked Trump Into Tweeting About a Fake Missile Launch

Someone who should've been president once said, "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons." For all the ridiculous things Donald Trump has tweeted about, and all the verifiably false things he's said, there has perhaps been no better demonstration of the truth of Hillary Clinton's words than Trump's angry tweet about an Iranian missile test that didn't happen.

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Get Freaked Out by Pennywise for the First Time All Over Again With the Losers Club Actors

It is now the highest-grossing horror movie of all time—in the United States, at least—not accounting for inflation, having surpassed The Exorcist. That's due in no small part to Bill Skarsgård's incredibly freaky Pennywise, who will never let you look at a clown the same way again, regardless of your existing feelings on them.

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Media Matters Takedown of Fox News’ Own “Hollywood Elites” Feels Like a Daily Show Clip

We've reported more than once, over the past few days, on Jimmy Kimmel's use of his late night show to call out the latest Republican health care bill and how it fails the very standards that one of its primary sponsors promised him on television. However, as is so often the case, those who disagree with Kimmel decided to disagree not with the points he raised, but with his very right to be a political advocate in the first place.

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