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The Last Jedi Will Break Our Hearts Even More With Alien Version of Carrie Fisher’s Dog


You may be aware that Carrie Fisher had a wonderful dog, Gary Fisher. If not, you've been missing out, and you can rectify the situation immediately over at Gary's Instagram. (Gary now lives with Fisher's assistant.) While The Last Jedi may serve as a way for a lot of us to say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, it's also apparently giving Gary the chance to indirectly get in on his mom's final film role.

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Feast Your Eyes on Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcom in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Even If the Movie Sounds Absurd

Commence running and screaming.

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! We've known for some time now that Jeff Goldblum would be back as badboy celebrity mathematician Ian Malcolm for the Jurassic World sequel, but seeing that glorious return with your own eyes is a whole other thing. Allow me to direct your attention this way.

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How the Most Progressive Moments in My Favorite Cartoons Shaped My Feminism

I don't think any feminist voyage starts out perfectly; mine certainly didn't. It took me years to realize that I was oppressed as a neurodivergent woman, and even longer to realize I had privileges as an able-bodied white person. It's been a very topsy-turvy journey that has both empowered and humbled me.

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Everything You Need to Know Before You See Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Unless you’ve been living in isolation on Ahch-To for the past six years, you probably know that we’re just days away from the release of The Last JediThe Last Jedi is a Star Wars movie, and it’s going to have Skywalkers and lightsabers and the Millennium Falcon and even porgs, whatever the heck they are. Hooray! But what is it going to be about?

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Dustin Hoffman’s Defensive Chat With John Oliver About Harassment Allegations Only Made Things Worse

John Oliver moderated a 20th-anniversary panel for Wag the Dog last night at a screening, and he didn't let the otherwise light tone of the event prevent him from addressing the elephant in the room. Anna Graham Hunter has said that Dustin Hoffman sexually harassed when she was 17, on the Death of a Salesman set, and Wendy Riss Gatsiounis says Hoffman harassed her in 1991. Oliver was not impressed with Hoffman's response.

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Hillary Clinton Has the Last Laugh in SNL Christmas Carol Parody

The real Donald Trump was certainly haunted over the weekend by the most recent developments in the investigation into Russia's influence in the 2016 election, including Michael "Lock Her Up" Flynn's guilty plea and his own self-incriminating tweet. On SNL, he was haunted a bit more literally in A Christmas Carol fashion, which is all too fitting as he continues his quest to shift money from the poor to the rich through the tax code like a bizarro-universe Robin Hood.

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Trump Team Emails Reveal Efforts to Prevent Undocumented Minors From Receiving Abortions

This week, emails between Trump officials were released as part of a federal lawsuit to ban abortion for undocumented minors.

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Roy Moore Defenses Prove Anti-Choice Politics Have Never Been About Children

One particular line of defense used to defend Moore vividly stands out. Last week on CNN, former Trump adviser Stephen Moore argued, “The Democratic candidate is for partial-birth abortion in a state that is highly Christian and Catholic, so there is no moral high ground here between the two candidates.”

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[UPDATE] Former Trump Adviser Michael “Lock Her Up” Flynn Charged, Reportedly Prepared to Testify Against Trump

Hey! It turns out there are still consequences for lying! I know we were all trying to adjust to our new reality in which, well, there's no such thing as reality, but we might not have to! Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team this morning with lying to the FBI. Nothing matters! Uh, sorry. Old habit. Things still matter, apparently!

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Trump’s White House Is Seriously Arguing It’s OK to Use Fake Propaganda for Their Agenda

This is the White House saying it's OK to spread propaganda from a hate group, even if it's false, as long as it can be used to support their policies.

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[UPDATED] A Brief Timeline of Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Comics Industry

A timeline of sexual harassment and assault in the comics industry is lamentably challenging to truncate, but a girl can try.

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Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special #1 Will Leave You Excited for More

If you’re a certain kind of geek, the 1986 film Labyrinth was a formative influence on your sensibilities. Who among us didn’t wish for the Goblin King to whisk us away on a magical quest replete with goblin sidekicks, peril lurking around every turn, and catchy dance breaks? (Not to mention the late, great David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King, in all his tight-trousered glory.)

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8 Fantasy Families We’d Love to Join

One of the joys of the fantasy genre comes from knowing that those with superpowers still have to deal with their family members. Some of these clans, however, seem delightful. Whether it’s “heroes with hang ups” like the Fantastic Four, or the light and dark Casters in Beautiful Creatures, here are eight fantasy families we’d love to join.

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Scam Artists Accidentally Verify Post’s Reporting on Moore Sexual Abuse

Project Veritas would be a hilariously ridiculous organization if its tactics weren't so effective on people who don't know any better. The group is known for lying to interview subjects and deceptively editing video to make it appear that the targets of their right-wing "sting" operations are doing exactly whatever it is conservatives fear they're doing, from Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue to ACORN and voter fraud.

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The Best Black Friday Video Game Deals You Can Get Right From Your Couch

It's Black Friday, but it's also the 21st century, and Hell is other people. Rejoice! There are plenty of great holiday deals on video games that you can score right from the comfort of your home. Whether you're shopping for gifts or just want to get some great prices on games to occupy all your extra holiday free time, you've come to the right place.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Has Been Renewed for Another Season on Netflix!

Keep circulating the tapes.

Yesterday marked yet another year of great holiday tradition. I'm talking, of course, about Mystery Science Theater 3000's Turkey Day Marathon. Did you think I meant getting together with friends and loved ones to give thanks over a delicious meal? Yeah, on the couch, giving thanks for the comfort provided by a human and bot trio roasting several courses of delicious B movies. But that wasn't the only MST3K goodness we got.

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Let’s Just Take Some Time to Appreciate These Incredible Special Effects

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was in production, much was made of the movie's commitment to honor the feel of the originals by using practical effects and puppetry when possible. There was still plenty of CGI, but the added touch of actually building something like BB-8 went a long way towards generating the right feel for the movie. The Last Jedi is set to do the same thing with some new additions, and it's not the only movie showing off impressive visual effects.

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