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A New Way To Geek Out Over March Madness

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is already kind of geeky. In much the same way that fantasy football affords football fans the ability to pour over quarterback ratings and yards after catch, March Madness is a joyous time for college basketball fans to nerd out over a team’s quality wins and RPI.

In preparation for this year’s tournament, the NCAA, in collaboration with Thought Equity Motion, has unleashed NCAA Vault on an unsuspecting population of procrastinating office workers and college students. According to Playbook, the service “contains full, commercial-free footage of 150 tournament games from the past decade — every Sweet 16 game on to the championship from 2000 through last year.”

But that’s not the coolest part:

In addition to the ability to watch full games, individual highlights have been indexed with over 6,000 meta tags like “great dunks” and “MVP moments.” If you want to check out Wayne Ellington’s steal and dunk from the 2009 championship game, the service doesn’t just show you the highlight: it drops you into that point in the game, and let’s the rest play out. Awesome.

(h/t Wired Playbook)

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