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‘Cocaine Bear’ Walked So ‘Attack of the Meth Gator’ Could Crawl Out of a Toilet

Attack of the Meth Gator poster

You’ve heard of Cocaine Bear, now get ready for Attack of the Meth Gator. Apparently, drug-fueled animal attack films are becoming a thing. Not only does the writer of Cocaine Bear have ideas for an entire film franchise featuring different animals on drugs, but now The Asylum is getting in on the action. For the blessedly unaware, The Asylum is an independent film studio known for creating mockbusters— low-budget knock-offs of popular blockbuster films.

The Asylum has also become popular for making movies that are so bad they’re good, such as the Sharknado franchise. Now, the studio is at it again with Attack of the Meth Gator, which is meant to be a mockbuster of Cocaine Bear. Here’s everything we know about this ridiculous movie so far.

Attack of the Meth Gator release date

Attack of the Meth Gator doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet. However, The Asylum indicated that it will be coming to viewers sometime this summer. The studio also revealed that Attack of the Meth Gator finished filming back in February, so a 2023 release date sounds doable. It will likely be released as a made-for-television or direct-to-video film, but it hasn’t been confirmed which platform the studio will use for release or if Attack of the Meth Gator will be available to stream.

Attack of the Meth Gator cast

Attack of the Meth Gator has gathered a small cast of newcomers along with monster and horror film actors. Ray Acevedo, who appeared in The Asylum’s Megabao film in 2021, plays a character named Bithlo. Vanesa Tamayo, who starred in Monster Grizzly, will portray Anna. A Prayer star Wade Williams and Bleach star Gus Langley will appear in the film as Grady and Tucker, respectively.

Meanwhile, model and actor Christopher Applegate will star in Attack of the Meth Gator as a character named Buck, while Hollywood newcomer Tristen Amason will portray Twain. Director and actor Arlene Lago will also appear in the film as Skylar. Rounding out the cast are LaRonn Marzett, Stuart Maxheimer, Benjamin L. Newmark, Bruce Peoples, Robbie Rist, and Nick Wilson. Aside from their names, no further details have been revealed about the characters appearing in Attack of the Meth Gator.

Attack of the Meth Gator plot

While Cocaine Bear saw a bear go on a murderous rampage after getting hopped up on cocaine, Attack of the Meth Gator will (you guessed it) see alligators turn into murderous meth gators after ingesting meth. These rampaging alligators will terrorize the residents of a small Florida town who were warned not to flush meth down the toilet where it might be consumed by sewer-dwelling alligators. Of course, they didn’t listen, so now they have meth gators.

Those familiar with Cocaine Bear will know that it was actually very loosely based on a true story about a bear in Georgia that died after consuming a duffel bag full of cocaine that was dropped from a drug smuggler’s plane. As unbelievable as it sounds, Attack of the Meth Gator is also kind of inspired by a true story. In 2019, a Tennessee police department posted on Facebook warning residents that flushing meth down the toilet could create meth gators. They claimed that drugs that go through the sewer system end up in retention ponds and could potentially be consumed by gators.

Of course, the warning was a complete joke issued by the police department to discourage individuals from flushing drugs and other substances down the toilet and polluting water sources. However, that didn’t stop multiple media outlets, including CNN, from reporting on the department’s initial warning. So, some people really did think they could create meth gators, and the police department had to release a statement saying, “The meth gator is not real. Let’s say that again: THE METH GATOR IS NOT (at this time) REAL.”

Needless to say, The Asylum may have found an even more absurd inspiration for their film than Cocaine Bear and might just be onto something with Attack of the Meth Gator.

(featured image: The Asylum)

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