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#AskELJames Live Chat Backfires Beautifully

Bring popcorn

Now that Grey is out, it seems like E.L. James is doing some publicity campaigns including a Twitter chat! Have a questions for E.L James? Although James hasn’t starting answering any questions, some amazing Twitter users have already started asking the important questions. There are some awesome snarky questions asking about her “inspirations” and lots that blatantly call out James’ horrible glorification of an abusive relationship.

Some of my favorites:

I’m not sure which member of the marketing team thought that an open Q&A on Twitter was a good idea. There are a few fan questions, but the majority are coming from those pointing out James’ problematic portrayals (bad for her, but good for humanity). 50 Shades of Abuse is calling for a takeover of the hashtag. (6PM UK time= 1PM US East Coast)

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