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Beautiful Art Nouveau Mass Effect and Portal Posters

Clever Girl

Kotaku brought this fabulous FemShep poster in the Art Nouveau style to our attention this morning, and after poking around Mwar’s DeviantArt gallery we found even more goodies. Generally when I see fan art done “art nouveau” style, it’s in imitation of musical hall posters of the early 1900’s and the characters are depicted lounging or standing… the composition is always gorgeous but the ladies generally look passive and unfocused. Not so for these pieces, full of guns held at the ready and alert and piercing looks. More behind the jump.

Ahg! The turrets! The personality spheres! PotatOS! So much love.

But back to Mass Effect.

Mwar has twin Paragon and Renegade posters, depicting the two moral alignments you can walk down as Commander Shepard, featuring a friend’s Renegade FemShep, and her own Paragon FemShep.

According to her page, she also takes commissions based on these posters, where she’ll draw your FemShep into the image.

And finally, a FemShep pinup I actually love. Says Mwar about the piece: “Shepard: She’s Got A Big Damn Sniper Rifle.”

(Mwar via Kotaku)

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