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Revel in All the Fake Websites on Arrested Development With This Amazing Supercut [Video]

The fact that we live in a world without a real Bob Loblaw Law Blog is upsetting.


Longtime readers of Geekosystem will know that we sure do love the online technology that gets made up for TV shows and movies — the more generic and hokey, the better. Nobody puts together a fictitious website frontpage like Arrested Developmentthough (although I have to admit that I really enjoyed many of the Heroes first season ARG sites at the time), and the latest season definitely did not disappoint in that regard. Luckily, Slacktory‘s saved you the trouble of “Something” searching for all those references yourself with a supercut of all the important ones. I’m surprised that so many of those domains are still up for grabs. Why hasn’t anybody snatched up BarryGood.Biz yet?

It’s also worth pointing out that more than a few of the websites featured during the show’s original run were actually real, ImOscar.Com being the most well-known one. It still exists in some form today — only now it’s I’ Fakeblock is also a real site, too, although unfortunately is it not a yet an actual app with which you can show off your precise wood-blocking abilities. Get on that, Netflix!

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