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Are ‘Baki’ and ‘Kengan Ashura’ in the Same Universe?

Netflix gave anime fans something they have always dreamed of: a crossover. A special film saw the worlds of Baki and Kengan Ashura collide as the two protagonists went toe to toe with one another in an epic fight, but it also raised some questions!

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The crossover has left many wondering, “Are Baki and Kengan Ashura set in the same universe?” Let’s take a look, shall we?

Netflix’s crossover anime film pitted the protagonists of each series against one another, with Baki Hanma taking on Tokita Ohma facing off against one another in a dream match-up. Though the two characters managed to show off their extraordinary strength, neither of them gained the overall victory, after the big bads of each series intruded on the fight. The “No Contest” result left some fans a little disappointed that their “Who would win in a fight?” thesis was not truly answered. Another thing the episode left fans wondering was whether the two characters inhabit the same world, and there are many reasons why they may think this is the case.

Baki and Kengan Ashura follow very similar plots: two young boys train to become the best fighters in the world, entering tournaments to prove their skill while facing off against powerful opponents. The series both have a similar setting; set in modern Japan, the fighting takes place in underground, away from the public eye. This makes the question of whether or not they are in the same universe a little confusing.

Baki and his thunder calves stand face to face with Ohma, ready to fight in "Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura"

Still, the answer is no, the characters do not inhabit the same universe, and the crossover event was simply fan service and not canon in either series. The episode served to answer the hypothetical “what if?” scenario which so many fans often discuss when it comes to powerful anime characters from different stories facing off against one another. A classic example includes “Who would win in a fight between One Punch Man’s Saitama and Dragon Ball’s Son Goku?” Now that has had the Reddit boards occupied for some time.

This does make sense in the grand scheme of things. Given that both these characters are regulars at tournaments and events, it is unlikely that they wouldn’t have already run into each other before now, or simply not run into each other more often. Both Baki and Tokita would likely be aware of the other given that they are both incredibly strong. Given that they both want to gain more strength, it would actually be more likely that they would seek the other out to push themselves and improve. Finally, the two series are created by completely different people, so there is also that to consider.

Despite the series not being connected, fans welcomed the special event and loved seeing the two protagonists finally go toe to toe.

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