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You’re Probably Not Qualified to Make Pizza For Apple

Recently, we learned that it wasn’t unusual for a prospective Apple employee to endure a grueling nine-month long interview process. Even after hiring, new employees are frequently put on fake projects in order to test their loyalty. Now, it seems, that Apple’s exacting hiring standards extend to its kitchens, as demonstrated by a job posting for a Pizza Chef.

The posting from Apple’s jobs page describes the exact skills necessary to work as a pizza chef at the company. Interesting is not only the skills the job posting demands, but the specificity of the kind of pizza Apple expects.

The ideal candidate has extensive experience making pizza dough from scratch and is able to portion and toss the dough; possesses the ability to hand stretch the pizza (without using a rolling pin) and cook the pizza to order in a high temperature oven. The cook will also prep and maintain all food items necessary to make a variety of pizzas (toppings, sauces and related prep).

At least 2-4 years of experience working a high volume wood burning pizza oven featuring thin crust, Neapolitan style pizza.

God forbid if you’ve ever sullied your hands with a rolling pin, or perhaps prefer to craft Chicago style pizza (read: the best kind of pizza [editor’s note: gross]). Then again, it’s only reasonable for Apple to say exactly what they’re looking for in a new employee. It also shows that Apple employees are probably eating a lot better than most folks.

No word yet if new pizza chefs are required to work on impossible, fake pizza projects until they’ve proven themselves.

(via Apple, image via Jeff Kubina)

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