Apple Will Actually Have to Run Ads in the U.K. Saying Samsung Didn’t Infringe on Their iPad Patents

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Back in July, a United Kingdom court ruled the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 didn’t infringe on the iPad design patents as claimed by Apple. By filing the lawsuit and dragging Samsung’s name through the mud, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung in general were associated with patent infringement and illegal activity in the minds of the people. The United Kingdom court asserted that Apple would have to run what’s basically a giant retraction by taking out advertisements saying Samsung didn’t infringe on their patents in order to rectify the situation. Apple’s just lost their appeal, so it looks like they actually will have to run the ads.

Specifically, Apple must now take out advertisements in British newspapers to counteract the negative impression of Samsung left by both the accusation and the trial. On top of that, Apple’s United Kingdom website must host a banner ad saying something similar for at least six months. If nothing else, this whole debacle is ridiculously embarrassing for the iPhone creator.

Apple had originally managed to get a stay on having to runs the ads so that they could appeal the decision. Now that a High Court appeals judge has sided with Samsung on the matter, Apple will have to just accept the fact that the ads are going to happen. The company will also have to come to terms with the fact that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 officially doesn’t infringe on their patents according to the United Kingdom. Bummer.

(via ZDNet)

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