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When Life Gives You Antique Furniture and a Nerf Gun, Make an Antique Steampunk Nerf Gun

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Did you just unexpectedly come into the possession of some items of antique furniture? Are they clashing unavoidably with the post-modern chrome of your futuristic sleep-pod? Don’t worry. Just do like Spain-based Etsy user faustus70 and strip a seventy-five-year-old chair to fashion a steampunk cover for your Nerf N-Strike Barricade.

Bonus Fact: Up until now, Antique Steampunk Nerf Gun was high on my list of definite oxymorons.

According to his Etsy page, the gun still functions completely well despite all the not-inconsiderable bric-a-brak. The batteries are accessible, the scope works, and an access panel allows for the righting of any jammed darts. It is also, I am assuming heavy as all get out. I mean, look at that. It’s already a giant battery powered Nerf gun, and now it’s covered in solid wood.

But if the shipping doesn’t deter you, faustus70 is selling it. Just for those of us who haven’t any near-century-old heirlooms to craft into awesome fake guns.

(via Gizmodo.)

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