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Anne Hathaway Still Weeps When She Watches Les Mis Just Like Any Other Audience Member

It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

I’ve heard tell of the Les Miserables preview screenings, where members of the movie’s production became puzzled at a soft rustling that spread throughout the audience during I Dreamed a Dream, the song in which the downtrodden Fantine admits her complete hopelessness in the face of fate. They soon realized that rustling sound… is what it sounds like when sixty people all try to conceal the fact that they are weeping at the same time.

Now, I’m a person who I Dreamed it up the last time I went to karaoke, and whose mother sang Bring Him Home as a lullaby, and even I’m becoming less confident that I’ll be able to make it through Les Miserables emotionally aloof. So it doesn’t surprise me that Anne Hathaway, the actress who plays Fantine, has trouble getting through the thing.

Okay, so on the other hand, Hathaway has admitted she gets choked up just thinking about the fact that she doesn’t get to be Catwoman anymore, so lets say that this doesn’t surprise me for that reason, too. Said Hathaway, about watching the film:

I cry, but I think it’s because I’m still connected to the experience of making it, the process. For me, when I see it, I actually have to be aware when I’m doing press, because it brings me a lot closer to Fantine.

She’s so broken that I actually have to protect myself a little bit. So when I saw it, I did cry, but not because of what I was doing [on screen]. It was because I was back in the process of making it.

It’s okay, Anne! Just imagine a world in which instead of cutting off her hair or selling her teeth, Fantine studied with an armless ninja master and started stealing from the corrupt rich to fund a lifestyle of comfort, excess, and felines for her and Cosette.

(Perez Hilton via Jezebel.)

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