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Anne Hathaway Could Take Over As Batman If Christian Bale Ever Got Sick [VIDEO]

we loled

Umm, so yeah, Anne Hathaway is quickly becoming my favorite person. First she rapped about paparazzi, now she shows us her impersonation talents on the Spike TV Scream Awards. Yo Gary Oldman, you’re a great character actor and all but Anne Hathaway is the greatest impersonator of all time.

The actress already endeared herself to us when she spoke about which Catwoman comics she liked and which she didn’t. “There is a later one where it’s the origin story of Selina [Kyle] and she’s [the] Cat. She follows this guy into a museum because she wants to steal this piece, and she touches it and this guy is like, ‘You’ve defiled it with your female hands,'” she told MovieFone. “[It also includes] her training to become a fighter and she has to battle the guy who was a jerk to her in the beginning, and you get to meet her master who believed in her and who gave her a shot.”

However, Catwoman and Batman’s first meeting (in 1940’s Batman #1) struck her as particularly sexist. “They are on a ship, and Catwoman has been impersonating an old woman. Batman tears off her disguise — and she’s only known as the Cat [at this point] — so she jumps at him, and is like, ‘I will claw your eyes out.’ And Batman’s response to her is ‘Quiet or papa spank.’ I was like, ‘Thank God times have changed and Chris Nolan believes in equality of the sexes.'”

I’d love for someone to ask her about the new Catwoman #1. Something tells me she’d like the version that ran in today’s Things We Saw Today better…

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