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DC Hires Ann Nocenti for the New 52’s Green Arrow

Great Hera!

DC pledged that they’d be bringing more female artists and writers into the New 52, and they’ve made a very strong first step this week, when they announced that Ann Nocenti will be taking over the writer’s chair on Green Arrow starting in March.

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Nocenti has an incredible record in comics, making her debut by taking over Daredevil from Frank Miller in 1987, a title which not only made his name as a young comics artist to watch but also made the Man Without Fear one of Marvel’s more popular characters. Despite the tough act to follow, Nocenti’s run remained just as popular as Miler’s. Her original character Typhoid Mary remains involved Daredevil canon to this day.

Nocenti is also one of the very few women to ever write Batman for DC (Devin Grayson holds the spot of only woman to ever be the regular writer on a Batman title) in the early 00’s. However, she’s been mostly absent from the comics writing world for fifteen years, and in the meantime, she’s been doing some really awesome things. From Comic Book Resources:

Nocenti has spent the last decade and a half focusing on a journalism career that has taken her everywhere from agitating for prison reform in the United States for “Prison Life Magazine” to reporting on tribal unrest in Pakistan, a subject she also documented in the film “The Baluch.”

From editing High Times magazine and teaching film in Haiti it’s hard to think of a better background for a writer for Green Arrow, DC’s historically left-wingiest hero. As Sue at DC Women Kicking Ass says: “This is the kind of smart, surprising match between creator and title I’d like to see more of. I’ll be adding the book onto my pull list with issue 7, her first.” I plan on doing the same. You should too!

(via DC Women Kicking Ass.)

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