New Animated Posters For The Hunger Games Feature Cinna’s Famed Gold Eyeliner

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Call me a recovering makeup junkie, but one of my favorite tiny details about Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games was Cinna’s eyeliner. The Capitol crew were so ridiculously festooned with dyed skin, crazy haircolors, glittery tattoos, etc, all of it making the trips there some of the most interesting parts of the book to read, even the grotesque President Snow. (Especially when contrasted to the bleak and humble Districts.) But Cinna’s lone streak of gold eyeliner stood out for me, and so did Cinna as a character. All of that said, one of the best parts about this series being turned into a movie was seeing how the weirdos in the Capitol were going to be brought to life. We’ve seen a glimpse in the trailers, but now, the movie’s official site has released some animated posters (in the guise of self-referential, silly advertisements), to give us a new look at this colorful bunch.

First, here is the full Cinna poster, golden streak in all its glory. He will be played by Lenny Kravitz, and that’s just spectacular.

Your respected, flamboyant host, Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci), sporting blue today, and shilling toothpaste with the promise that you can be a star! (Unless you piss off the Capitol, in which case you will have dull teeth and no tongue.)

And Gamemaster Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley), putting his endorsement behind TrimCo razors so he can make all that fancy happen on his face.

All of these are featured on the official site as well as Capitol Couture, the movie’s Tumblr page. (This movie has a Tumblr page, and I’m still not quite over it.) By the way, there are only 34 days left until The Hunger Games hits theaters. WHOA.

(via Digital Spy)

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