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Famous Comic Book Covers Get Animated!

and let it be known

Everybody likes a good .gif, right? Well, there’s plenty below, as Kerry Callen (who we just featured at the top of Things We Saw Today) brings four famous comic covers from DC and Marvel into animated life. I’ve put the static version of The Dark Knight Returns up here, so as not to have a large flashing image on the front page. You’ll have to click through to see the coiled moment captured in the art turn into a spasm of movement.

Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight, while not without its problems, can be credited heavily with bringing the graphic novel to the mainstream and letting everybody know that it was safe to write a dark, gritty Batman again and put all those BIFFs and POWs behind us.

The cover of Spider-Man #33 depicts an immortal scene in which Peter Parker slowly, heroically, overcomes despair and guilt at the thought of his own actions leading to his uncle’s death, and at the same time accomplishes a feat of strength far beyond what anyone, including he, expected.

This cover from the 9-issue arc Demon in a Bottle ran in 1979, and for the first time forced Tony Stark to face his alcoholism, in a story that tackled issue of a gravity not usually seen in comics of the day.

Aaand then there’s this Justice League cover. No idea what’s going on here. Bad luck, apparently.

(via Comics Alliance.)

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