Angry Birds Moon Pies Are A Thing That Exists

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The ever famous game, Angry Birds has been ported to a nearly infinite amount of different platforms including Kinect, Google+, reality and cake, but this is the one you’ve all been waiting for: Angry Birds is coming to moon pieOS. The Angry Birds moon pies are an official, Rovio endorsed product for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and are being sold at the Hong Kong Angry Birds/Rovio store, a thing that also apparently exists.

The pies come in chocolate, mango, and pomelo flavors and are being sold in pairs for the equivalent of $5 U.S.. For the moment they are, sadly, available exclusively in China. Kiki Au, a young girl interviewed about the new product put it this way:

I’ve come here to buy the moon cakes because I like playing the game.

A poetically apt explanation of merchandising if ever there was one.

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(via TechCrunch)

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