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Drink Mixing Typewriter Lets You Drink Your Words

Morskoiboy over at has created an absolutely wonderous device I never knew I needed until I saw it in action: A typewriter that mixes drinks. That’s right, this typewriter, instead of writing letters on paper, essentially writes letters in a glass. Through a crazy series of tubes, pumps and syringes (a detailed explanation of which you can find at his site) the user can press letter “keys” which will dispense liquid into the receptacle glass. The result is a cocktail with a word or a sentence for a recipe.

I’ll refrain from making a joke about eating your words, but really, how amazing of an idea is this? Of course, given that so many ingredients are used in such small amounts (unless you tweak letters to have the same liquid) chances are you’ll get a mix that is pretty weird and either unremarkable or undrinkable. Still, how incredible must it be to suggest that someone try your favorite drink and be able to tell them the recipe is “mouse twinkies.” I want this immediately.

(via reddit)

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