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Of COURSE Tucker Carlson Had Andrew Tate on His Show

In things that are not surprising, Tucker Carlson had known “alpha male” sexist Andrew Tate on Tucker Carlson Today on Fox News, to talk about “cancel culture” because trash men are going to flock to trash men. Tate, who has been deplatformed for a number of reasons, went on the show to talk about how cancel culture got him. He said that when they want to cancel you, it comes “hard and fast” and went on to list all the things he got taken away from him because boo-hoo, he can’t spread harmful and sexist rhetoric on the internet anymore. Whatever will he do?

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In a weirdly telling move, the segment seems to only appear in this clip shared by Carlson on Twitter. When you go to Fox Nation’s own website, even then, the videos are not up online yet. So, I can’t wait to see what nonsense was spewed in this interview that is just … not online to watch or criticize! (And before I see any comment say that I shouldn’t pre-judge, I am allowed to pre-judge since Tate continues to make plenty of pre-judgements about women, and he’s made the type of things he’ll say pretty clear at this point.)

“But when they go to cancel you, ladies and gentlemen, it comes hard and fast. You lose your Facebook, then your Instagram, then your gmail, then your discord, then your website hosting, then your domain name, then your payment process and your bank,” he said, just listing things off because why talk about why you lost all those platforms when you can just play the victim?

He considers this him being “canceled.” The reality is that he’s a horrible person spreading a harmful message, so he was deplatformed for a number of reasons, and being “canceled” is not one of them. But try telling that to a man who has labeled himself an “alpha male.” He probably thinks that we’re all just too jealous of him to let him have social media, when the opposite is true. No one wants to see his face or hear his voice. It’s a jump scare, and these platforms are not obligated to let people use them for terrible things.

Tucker gave him a platform

If you want to know the kind of people that Tucker Carlson is willing to give a platform to, it’s men like this. It is a man who has created a legion of young male “fans” who think that his takes are correct and that women should be in the kitchen. It’s the kind of man who has fled countries for allegations against him and someone who the police raid in a suspected trafficking investigation. This man is who Carlson will willingly give a platform to.

Why? Why do we need to hear Tate’s “side” of things? We already have and that’s what caused the problem, and from the brief clip that is available, his deplatforming hasn’t showed him a damn thing. Instead, he’s playing like a victim instead of taking any accountability for the message he puts out into the world.

The sudden rise of Andrew Tate is something that is frightening because you don’t know what teenager found the video and will parrot those sexist and disgusting beliefs back at you. You don’t know who they’ve reached, and there’s a sea of people who will continue to give Tate a platform just to have his name bring people into their content—people like Tucker Carlson.

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