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Andrew Tate Is (Finally) Getting Banned From So Many Places That It’s Now a Meme

Grace laughing while covered in blood in Ready or Not

Andrew Tate sucks. That’s just a fact that we all need to accept. He’s a misogynist pig who thinks that women are beneath him and has continued to spread his hateful message around the internet, and it has now gotten to the point where a lot of social media platforms have banned him from having accounts. That’s glorious in its own way, but more glorious than that are the memes that have come out because Tate is just continually being banned over and over again.

Tate has recently been banned from TikTok, along with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube—and, if you ask me, losing your accounts on all those social media platforms sends a pretty clear sign that this guy isn’t really someone who is as much of an “alpha” male has he pretends to be. But now, because of this string of bans, Twitter has come together to mock him in the best way possible: through memes.

Yes, everyone is posting pictures of Tate next to any and every obscure service under then Sun as something else he’s been banned from, and it is truly a sight to behold.

We should all make fun of Andrew Tate

I’m sure someone on the internet would have the mindset of saying we shouldn’t make fun of him because that makes us just as bad, but nah, it doesn’t. Take that kind of reductive logic elsewhere, thank you very much. Go ahead and troll him. Some people don’t deserve it, but Andrew Tate definitely deserves having the internet all mocking him because he’s been using his sexist worldview to try to warp the minds of young men, so it’s okay to troll him.

Because, if we’re being honest and the situations were reversed, Andrew Tate’s reaction would be 100% less funny and 200% more gross, probably involving telling a bunch of men not to watch Star Wars because no woman wants to date a Star Wars nerd. (I’m not kidding. That’s literally something he’s said and how I even found out who he was as a person.)

Because what Andrew Tate deserves is to have nothing good to do in his free time.

They’re all jokes and just poking fun at how often he’s been permanently banned recently, but it feels good to laugh at the expense of someone spreading such an irredeemably awful message. So, I’m happy that you keep getting banned from places, Andrew Tate. It’s hilarious to watch, and I hope it keeps on happening and no one has to listen to your nonsense anymore. That also goes for these podcasters who think it’s funny to bring Tate on to “debate” him. Enough. Ban him from appearances, too, because I do not want to see another thing about this man online.

He’s banned from the internet, please and thank you.

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