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And Just Like That Official Teaser Gives Glimpses Of How Our Ladies (And Their Kids) Have Grown

And Just Like That, the HBO Max revival of the iconic Sex and the City, is set to debut with its first two episodes on December 9. They released an official teaser trailer for the upcoming series, and darn it—they pulled me in.

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Just hearing Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in her classic voice-over tone, while getting shots of Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) as they go through life really pulled me in. We get images of the returning supporting cast like Chris Noth’s Mr. Big, Evan Handler’s Harry Goldenblatt, and the late Willie Garson as Stanford.

Additionally, we see the new characters that will be adding diversity of race, sexuality, and perspective to the lives of our three remaining leading ladies, like Sara Ramírez, Sarita Choudhury, and Nicole Ari Parker.

With the onslaught of revivals, there is a part of me that has always had my guard up about the new series. Sex and the City, the show, is precious to me despite all its flaws, as it was to so many others. It has become part of my love language with my friends. The films already shook the foundation and to have a spin-off series, without Samantha, made me worry if it would survive.

Then I saw my favorite character Charlotte crying watching her older daughter perform and seated next to her younger daughter I was like “omg, I finally get to see Charlotte be a mommy to actual little girls” and just like that … I was trapped.

Plus, as a fan of Golden Girls I can’t help but feel excited about seeing the women of Sex and the City get to make this transition. They aren’t as old as the leading ladies in that series, but the fact is that we don’t get many shows featuring women in their 50s, allowed to look like women in their 50s, getting to talk about sex and love, and putting their stories in the forefront.

As I’ve said before these evolutions are exciting: getting to see Carrie and Big be happily childfree, to see what Miranda’s life looks like as a mom and lawyer, what Charlotte has grown like from being a mother, but also being the mother of a non-white child (like Davis is in real life). So much of Sex and the City was these women trying to find love and now they all got their endgame, how have their priorities shifted?

I’m slowly, truly, looking forward to seeing how we get to see how they’ve grown as people. Especially because Samantha Irby is one of the writers and she has been killing it. So And Just Like That … let’s see what you got!

After the first two episodes air on December 9th, they will be released weekly on Thursdays. Fridays are gonna be interesting.

(via Variety, image: HBO Max)

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