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Feast on the Skulls of Your Candy Enemies With Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls

"On a mountain of chocolate skulls in a castle of cotton candy, I sat on a throne of hot fudge." -- A tastier Vigo the Carpathian.

Chocolate Skulls

Hungry for a snack, but also want to look like an real badass? Then consider these anatomically correct chocolate skulls. Handmade from Belgian chocolate, these chocolates are made in a mold crafted from the real skull of an actual dead human by the Black Chocolate Co, a UK-based confectioner probably run by secret vampires.

Chocolate Skull

The skulls come in four surprisingly normal-sounding flavors; dark chocolate, chilli chocolate, caramel chocolate, and milk chocolate. They’re not cheap, though. The current list price on the company’s Etsy page is $119.70, but it’s a small price to pay in you want to build your own Willy Wonka-esque nightmare factory.

(Black Chocolate Co via Nerdist, images via Black Chocolate Co)

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