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Analogue Nt Is the Futuristic/Retro NES of Your Dreams, and You Can Own One for $500

It turns out you can put a price on your childhood.


If you’ve got an extra $500, you can go out and spend it on the finest gaming console on the market. No, I’m not talking about an Xbox One or a PS4 plus some peripherals. What I’m referring to, of course, is the brand new, aluminum NES, the Analogue Nt, from Analogue Interactive. Adjusted for inflation, it’s not even that much more than you originally paid for that NES you should’ve kept.

Actually, by the inflation calculator’s reckoning, it’s about what $229 would’ve been when the NES came to North America in 1985, which is only a bit higher than some of the original NES bundles. And just look at what those few extra 1984 dollars get you! The system looks beautiful with its modern aesthetic, and its innards were harvested from original NES systems, which means you’re getting the real thing as opposed to other modern emulation consoles.


That means it even works with all peripherals.

They’ve also got brand new or refurbished original NES (or Famicom) controllers for sale, so you can fill up all four controller slots that the new and improved NES is packing with the authentic, uncomfortable rectangular controllers of your childhood. The system is expected to ship this summer, but you can already put in your preorder on the Analogue site.

As a preorder bonus, you can get a special price of $50 for the system’s optional HDMI upscaling peripheral for the best possible NES experience. If you were smart enough to hang on to your NES and saw what a sad mess it looks like when played on an HDTV, you’ll appreciate what they’re offering here: the greatest game system ever made in maybe its most perfect form yet.

I mean, it’s even spot on with Nintendo’s current strategy of releasing technically outdated systems at pries no one is willing to pay. Way to bring the NES up to Nintendo’s current speed, guys.

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