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Get a Better Look at the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Amiibo Figures

It's Amiibo, Mario!

Nintendo just released some good quality promotional images and a trailer, above, for their recently announced Amiibo figures. While still a gimmicky concept, they are definitely cooler and more beautifully detailed than we anticipated. Seriously, can I get myself one of those Samus figurines even if I don’t own a Wii U?

Check out these images as well, which show a larger chunk of the line-up:



My only minor annoyance is that there’s just four female characters fromĀ Super Smash Bros. out of 14 figures, here, but c’mon. It’s not like Nintendo won’t make a Rosalina or a Palutena at some point. How else are they going to bleed us dry of all our money?

(via Tiny Cartridge)

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