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AMC Releases Four Teaser Trailers for The Walking Dead, Including a Shot at True Blood


AMC‘s The Walking Dead doesn’t premiere until October, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try to scare the crap out of you ahead of time. It also doesn’t mean that they’re just going to sit around and be nice to other vampire shows that are currently airing on other premium cable channels. Because, ahem, zombies don’t hole up in the dark because the sun is out — they will kill you day, night, whenever they crave brains, which is all the time. Three more teasers are lurking after the jump.

It’s the end of the world as we know it … and no one feels fine. Hehehe … Okay, sorry.

Zombies are ruining the daily constitutional.

Are zombies like T-rexes? If you don’t move, they can’t see you?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 16.


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