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Amazon Now Selling $1 Million Rideable Robot Designed to Fire Guns When its Pilot Smiles

Amazon Optimus Prime.

pacrim2 Amazon: good for reviving cult geek TV shows, pissing off Captain America fans, and rapid delivery of giant rideable killer robots, I guess?

According to The Verge, Amazon Japan is now selling Kuratas, a mech robot that, despite being billed by its designers as a toy, is 12.5 feet tall, weighs 5 tons, and comes with a BB Gatling gun designed to fire 6,000 rounds per minute when the pilot smiles. I cannot stress that last point enough.


The fully weaponized wheeled ‘bot was unveiled at the 2012 Wonder Festival, and has this fairly batshit safety video for potential pilots:


The Verge points out that, unfortunately, Kuratas is not available for Amazon Prime shipping. The robot’s arms are also sold separately, although I don’t think the delivery service will be able to get away with those kind of shenanigans for long. If they ever want to start actually implementing drone delivery, they’ll need Kuratas’ permission first–and robot-on-robot wars make this “toy” very happy.

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