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Amanda’s First New York Comic Con

And Now For Something Completely Different

Editor’s Note: On October 14th we asked Amanda LaPergola, one of our contributing writers, to write a report detailing the experience of her first trip to New York City Comic Con. We have not heard from her since.

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Today a package arrived at the offices of The Mary Sue. Its contents contained a note from Amanda’s mother (“Please excuse my daughter’s recent tardiness. Amanda asked me to tell you that she has been sick, but in reality she has been spending her time watching all 47 episodes of Nana.”) and the following.

Amanda LaPergola tweets @LaPergs.

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Susana Polo
Susana Polo thought she'd get her Creative Writing degree from Oberlin, work a crap job, and fake it until she made it into comics. Instead she stumbled into a great job: founding and running this very website (she's Editor at Large now, very fancy). She's spoken at events like Geek Girl Con, New York Comic Con, and Comic Book City Con, wants to get a Batwoman tattoo and write a graphic novel, and one of her canine teeth is in backwards.

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