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Every Answer to Every One of Taylor Swift’s 1989 Vault Puzzles (The Mary Sue’s Version)

Bummed "no it's becky" wasn't one tbh.

Taylor Swift heard you liked puzzles, so she made 89 of them and almost broke Google in the process. Want to know what the hullabaloo about the 1989 (Taylor Version) vault track reveal is all about? If you need help or just love lists, I have compiled every Taylor Swift 1989 vault puzzle answer. If I may say so myself, I’m quite proud of how many of these references I knew, even as a casual-ish Swiftie. I’ve never been more impressed with a fandom than I was when they accurately predicted when and how the re-release would be announced. I’m nowhere near that committed or savvy. I’m just happy to be here.

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To access the puzzle, simply Google “Taylor Swift” and click on the blue vault if it shows up. You will then be presented with some word scramble puzzles to solve. Put the correct, spelled-out answer in the search bar and you should get a new puzzle. Some are easy, especially since the words in longer phrases are color-coded, but some are deeper cuts, and some have no hints at all. Be patient. You might have refresh the page a few times. The game has been a bit glitchy. It’s all in good fun, right?

That said, if you’re over the Zodiac/Saw nonsense (or, like me, having PTSD remembering how a certain wizard book’s author used to announce information on her website), let’s cut to the chase. Cheaters never prosper … unless there are no real-world stakes, in which case … why not?! Here are all 89 hints and answers.

Most of the answers are 1989 song lyrics

Hint: Welcome To New York

  • it’s a new soundtrack
  • it’s been waiting for you
  • but they never blind me

Hint: Blank Space

  • and I’ll write your name
  • pen click
  • darling I’m a nightmare
  • magic madness heaven sin
  • incredible things
  • she’s like oh my god
  • so it’s gonna be forever
  • so hey let’s be friends
  • crossword puzzle
  • nice to meet you

Hint: Style

  • never go out of style
  • red lip classic
  • with some other girl

Hint: Out of the Woods

  • two paper airplanes flying
  • it all seems so simple
  • like we stood a chance
  • you were looking at me
  • she lost him (Hint: Out of the Woods intro)

Hint: All You Had To Do Was Stay

  • but not like this
  • the palm of your hand
  • you were all I wanted
  • they paid the price

Hint: Shake it Off

  • can’t stop won’t stop moving
  • I’m just gonna shake
  • she danced to forget him

Hint: I Wish You Would

  • elevator buttons
  • everything and nothing

Hint: Bad Blood

  • now we got problems

Hint: Wildest Dreams

  • burning it down
  • he does it so well

Hint: How You Get The Girl

  • of kisses on cheeks

Hint: This Love

  • in silent screams
  • to what you need
  • timing is a funny thing

Hint: I Know Places

  • and we run
  • and everyone was watching
  • loose lips sink ships

Hint: Clean

  • I could finally breathe
  • think I am finally clean
  • what you are is brave

Hint: Wonderland

  • we both went mad

Hint: You Are In Love

  • you’re my best friend

Hint: New Romantics

  • come along with me

Some Are References To The Eras & Other Tours

Hint: Bad Blood

Hint: Tour

  • my name is taylor swift

Hint: Announce

  • Los Angeles (where the 1989 re-release was announced)

Hint: First Stop

  • Tokyo

Hint: Last Stop

  • Melbourne

Hint: (1989) World Tour Live

  • Sydney

Hint: Blue sweatshirt

Hint: Makes You Clean

Some Are References To The Singer Songwriter’s Birthday

Hint: Birth Date

  • december thirteenth

Hint: Birth Day

  • wednesday

Hint: I Was Born In

  • nineteen eighty-nine

Hint: Lucky

  • thirteen

Hint: Sun Sign

  • sagittarius

Some Are References To 1989 The Album, (Taylor’s Version) & OG

Hint: Reclaimed

  • taylor’s version

Hint: Release

  • october twenty-seventh

Hint: Track 6

  • floor eighteen (the meaning behind this stumped me… if it’s not 1989-related don’t sue me)

Hint: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Hint: Coffee

  • long list of ex lovers (a.k.a. the Blank Space line we all thought was “lonely Starbucks lovers”)

Hint: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Hint: Excitedly Mingling

Hint: Number of Instant Films

  • sixty five (you might know them as polaroids)

Hint: Smashing

Hint: They Never Go Out Of Style

Hint: Loudest And Brightest City

Hint: And Somehow That Was Everything

No Hint (TV Album Cover Variants)

  • crystal skies blue
  • rose garden pink
  • sunrise boulevard yellow
  • aquamarine green

No Hint

  • from the vault
  • fifth album
  • pop record

Some Reference Social Media Moments & Other Random Swiftie Lore

Hint: AKA Christmas in September

Hint: Caption

  • got a haircut (another IG post we can no longer see…)

Hint: Deepest fear

Hint: Halloween Costume

Hint: Impossible To Reason With

  • sheep (you guessed it, another IG post from before the purge)

Hint: Karma Music Video

  • MCMLXXXIX (which translates to 1989 and was an Easter Egg in the video)

Hint: Likes, Job, Whereabouts Were Studied Intently

Hint: Look At It!!

Hint: This Love (Taylor’s Version)

  • The Summer I Turned Pretty

Hint: ?

  • swiftmas

Hint: I Love You

  • swifties

Now that enough people have solved enough puzzles, an Eras tour stage-shaped key opened the vault. The upcoming titles, you ask? “Is It Over Now,” “Now That We Don’t Talk,” “Say Don’t Go,” and “Suburban Legends.” And the final vault track title, not included in the family-friendly game, is “Slut!” Can’t wait. Thanks for playing—err, reading!

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