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Here Are All the ‘Foundation’ Season 3 Characters We Know About So Far

Hari hugs Gaal close in Foundation.

Foundation on Apple TV+ has officially been renewed for a third season, and showrunner David S. Goyer promises that the next chapter of Hari Seldon’s quest to save humanity will be “bonkers.” Here are all the cast members and characters we know about so far!

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The TV adaptation of Foundation takes some major liberties with the original series of novels by Isaac Asimov, so it’s hard to predict who exactly will show up in each season. Nevertheless, with season 3 focusing on Gaal and Hari’s battle with the Mule, we do have some idea of which characters will return.

Characters and cast members returning for Foundation season 3

Season 3 will take place over 150 after the events of season 2. However, season 2 ended with Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobel) and Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) going into hypersleep, guarded over by the community of the telepaths known as Mentalics. That means Gaal and Hari will almost certainly return for season 3.

Meanwhile, on Trantor, the Cleonic Dynasty is still in effect at the end of season 2, although thanks to Queen Sareth’s pregnancy, it’ll presumably be challenged by a biological heir. This means that Brother Day (Lee Pace), Brother Dawn (Cassian Bilton), and Brother Dusk (Terrence Mann) will probably return for season 3, along with Lady Demerzel (Laura Birn).

There’s also Brother Constant (Isabella Laughland), Poly Verisof (Kulvinder Ghir), and the holographic double of Hari Seldon, all of whom are saved from Terminus’ destruction at the end of season 2 by the Vault. Time moves differently inside the Vault, so there’s a good chance they’ll still be around in season 3.

What about the other characters from season 2, like Queen Sareth, Salvor Hardin, and Hober Mallow? Aside from the fact that not every character in season 2 made it to the end (you can read our full season 2 finale recap here), some survivors will have died of old age by the time we catch up with the story in season 3. But you never know! If this series can miraculously give Hari a new biological body, it can do anything.

New characters and cast members in Foundation season 3

When the news of Foundation’s season 3 renewal dropped, Goyer also announced some new characters.

The Mule (Mikael Persbrandt), whom we met briefly in season 2, is a Mentalic warlord who will go after Gaal in season 3. The Mule also has an alter ego, Magnifico Giganticus.

Goyer also announced that Bayta Darell, Toran Darell, and Ebling Mis will enter the story, although they haven’t been cast yet. In the books, Bayta and Toran are a married couple who try to find the second Foundation before being betrayed by the Mule. Ebling is a psychologist who tries to reconstruct Hari’s psychohistory.

Who else will join the season 3 cast? We’ll post updates when we get them!

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