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Which Episode of ‘Dungeon Meshi’ Was the Most Palatable? Let’s Rank Them All and Find Out!

Dungeon Meshi brings a unique aspect to the fantasy D&D-esque anime genre. Have you ever wondered what a basilisk would taste like? What about a kelpie? That’s what our adventurers are going to find out as they make their way through the dungeon to recover Falin, a party member eaten by a red dragon.

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Adapted from the manga written by Ryōko Kui, the anime, also known as Delicious in Dungeon, was given a worldwide release on Netflix. The first episode aired on January 4 with the first season running for 24 episodes in total, with the last airing on June 13. Let’s take the time to go through all 24 episodes and rank them, from worst to best.

Numbers 24–16

24. Episode 20: Ice Golem/Barometz

Dungeon Meshi Ep 20, Izutsumi ignores Marcille

The worst episode has to go to episode 20, not only were we fighting a very similar monster we have met before, but Izutsumi’s brattish behavior throughout this episode is downright annoying.

23. Episode 10: Giant Frogs/Above Ground

Though wearing a frog skin suit is particularly comical, this episode did not stand out to me in any special way. It did however give us a glimpse into the above-ground politics which will play a much bigger part moving forward.

22. Episode 9: Tentacles/Stew

This episode provides a bittersweet reunion in the form of former party Namari and Marcille has some things she wants to get off her chest.

21. Episode 15: Dryad/Cockatrice

Other than introducing Laois to the art of magic, there isn’t much that this episode does to further the story. The characters are forced outside of their comfort zone somewhat which still results in a comical episode.

20. Episode 2: Roast Basilisk/Omelet/Kakiage

Dungeon-Meshi-Episode-2, Laois dreams of chimera food

This episode does a decent job of continuing to introduce us to the world, but some of the characters come off a little less than appealing as they try to work with one another for the first time.

19. Episode 14: Sea Serpent

This episode shifts focus away from our main party as we reunite with not only Kabru’s group but Shuro’s too. Shuro has to be one of the cooler characters we have met, his cool, calm demeanor is the opposite of Laois’ puppy dog energy.

18. Episode 5: Snacks/Sorbet

We are introduced to another group of adventurers, led by Kabru who is convinced they will be the ones to master the dungeons, only to die moments later (don’t worry, they were revived as we have a lot more to see from them).

17. Episode 7: Kelpie/Porridge/Broiled with Sauce

This episode looks at how sometimes, no matter how stubborn we are (we’re looking at you Senshi) we need to listen to the opinions and advice of others.

16. Episode 6: Court Cuisine/Boiled In Salt Water

This episode gives us a unique way to view the history of the dungeon and foreshadows a rather interesting and menacing-looking character.

Numbers 15–11

15. Episode 16 – Cleaners/Dried With Sweet Sake

Dungeon-Meshi-Episode-16, Shuro threatens Laois

Here we see a clash of personalities as the parties meet, including former party members. Secrets are revealed and tempers are raised, as a clash of personalities comes to a head.

14. Episode 1: Hot Pot/Tart

As an introduction to the series, it does a pretty good job of explaining the world we as an audience enter as well as throwing us right into the action.

13. Episode 19: Hag/Nightmare

A visually interesting episode that takes us into the mind of Marcille, fleshing out her character and showing how she is struggling with the weight of what she has done to her friend. Also confirms that Laois is a literal dog.

12. Episode 18: Shapeshifter

Ever wondered how your friends view you? That’s exactly what the party discovers when a shapeshifter enters their midst, making for a rather amusing conundrum.

11. Episode 3: Living Armour

An episode that goes to show that looks can be deceiving. It’s a great new look at the living armor trope but also shows off just how well animated this series is.

Top 10

10. Episode 4: Stewed Cabbage/Orcs

Dungeon-Meshi-Episode 4, the party collect cabbages

One of the great things about the show is that you feel as if you are learning something applicable to your own life from it. Episode four does this well, showing the balance not only between us and our food but also between differing people, and how, understanding that balance, is necessary.

9. Episode 24: Dumplings -2-/Bacon and Eggs

Dungeon-Meshi-Episode-24, The party experience some body changes as they switch races

The season finale, while humorous, did not end on a huge cliffhanger, though the Canaries are now entering the dungeon along with Kabru, Namari, and Shuro, which is bound to have a drastic effect on the dungeon and the mad mage will not be happy. It was a delightful way to end the season, and enough to make me want to return for season two.

8. Episode 21: Egg/The Golden Country

Delicious-in-Dungeon-Ep-21, The Canaries sit around a table

Above land we meet the Canaries, elvish dungeon specialists, whose character designs look amazing can we just add, though their intentions seem off? Back in the dungeon, the party has been pulled by ghosts into the Golden Land, where former residents of the dungeon lead an immortal, but unsatisfying life.

7. Episode 8: Raspberries/Grilled Meat

Dungeon-Meshi-Episode-8, Marcille fights on water

What starts as a regular chore for Marcille turns into an epic battle against a powerful foe. The setting of the battle is pretty epic, with Marcille walking on water as she uses magic to take on the watery undine. The episode also contains flashbacks that show the origins of Marcille and Falin’s relationship, only further cementing her motivation to move forward and save her friend.

6. Episode 23: Griffin Soup/Dumplings -1-

Delicious-in-Dungeon-Ep-23, the part all gather and hug Senshi

Senshi finally lets everyone in on his backstory, one that has left him living in guilt and fear all this time. Learning more about this enigmatic character gives the audience a greater understanding of his motives, and we love him all the more for it.

5. Episode 17: Harpy/Chimera

Delicious-in-Dungeon-Ep-17, Falin slaughters everyone

This is one of the darker and more gory episodes of the series. The parties we have witnessed so far have gathered together just in time for Falin’s return, but she is now a chimera, fused with the red dragon and sprouting glorious feathered wings. She ends up slaughtering most of the group brutally before fleeing. Thank god for resurrection spells, otherwise this episode would have been truly horrific.

4. Episode 12: Red Dragon II

Delicious-in-Dungeon-Ep-12, Marcille and Falin look at Falins bones

Falin’s bones may have been found, but now the party must doggedly put her back together. The only way to revive her though is for Marcille to use banned dark magic. When Falin does awake, she discovers she has powers beyond what she had before. The animation during this episode is fantastic and the storytelling creates a foreboding unease.

3. Episode 22: Griffin/Familiars

Delicious in Dungeon, Episode_22. The dark mage wraps his arms around Yaads neck

Here we discover more about the mad mage and his motives from King Delgal’s grandson who also sets a new challenge to the party: find the winged lion. First, though, the party must deal with a Griffin, whose presence fills Senshi with dread. We also learn more about Chilchuck—who has a wife and children!—as well as Senshi, whose story has not fully been adding up till now.

2. Episode 11: Red Dragon I

Delicious-in-Dungeon-Ep-11. The red dragon looms

The series build-up to this point finally reaches fruition as the party finally takes on the red dragon. There are twists and turns as well-laid plans go awry, but finally, our hero party is able to tackle the red dragon and Falin is (rather gruesomely) recovered. Full of action and suspense, the episode is a fantastic example of fantasy anime at its best.

1. Episode 13: Red Dragon III/Good Medicine

Dungeon-Meshi-13. The Dark Mage attacks

This episode set a tonal shift in the entire series, with dark magic, mad mages, and Falin lost once again. The mad mage comes to claim Falin given that her soul is mixed with that of the red dragon, a monster he can manipulate. The episode ups the ante by properly introducing us to the mad mage, and though the goal is still to retrieve Falin, that is now tied up in the very existence of the dungeon itself and the lives of all those who live, and above, it.

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