Monsters attack the player in "Final Doom"
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A Hellish Chronology: All ‘Doom’ Games in Order

Knowing the chronology of Hell will not help you defeat it. Only one thing is capable of doing that. Well, two things: two barrels of 00 buckshot to the face. That is the Doom way. If those rounds are incendiary, even better.

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Nevertheless, here is the main series order

  1. Doom (1993) – Humble beginnings in which the Doomguy massacres wave after wave of Hell’s demonic hordes. Is there a plot? Barely. It’s better that way.
  2. Doom II: Hell on Earth (1994) – Doomguy returns to kill even more baddies. Not hot baddies. But bad baddies. I mean morally evil, not physically attractive. Though I suppose a person can be both. But these demons are not. They are hot though, temperature wise? They’re fresh from Hell.
  3. Final Doom (1996)Final Doom is a player made expansion pack to Doom II. But “expansion pack” make it sound small. It’s got over 60 new levels of Doom madness. Hell is infinite, after all. The studio behind the OG Doom games appreciated Final Doom so much they made it canon.
  4. Doom 64 (1997) – It’s Doom for Nintendo! Basically the exact same experience except played on one of those iconic three pronged tridents that Nintendo called “controllers”
  5. Doom 3 (2004)Doom for a new era! Sweet next gen graphics!
  6. Doom (2016) – The beginning of the Doom reboot! Featuring the now renamed “Doom Slayer”. Way name cooler than “Doomguy”
  7. Doom: Eternal (2020) – The second of the reboot games! The Doom Slayer returns with … platforming? Cutscenes? Plot? What is going on here?
  8. Doom: The Dark Ages (2025) – The NEW upcoming Doom game! Not out yet, sry.

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