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Kids These Days: Automatic AK-47 Squirt Gun, Modeled on the Original Kalashnikov

As Super Soaker discovered years ago, water fights are just like any other sort of arms race: Even fun and games can be improved with the terrifying force of superior firepower. But the Saturator AK-47 really takes the cake: It’s modeled on the Kalashnikov — the famous AK-47 model that you may recognize from Goldeneye — and it can fire four shots a second, and only takes 60 seconds to discharge a clip.

Its specs:

  • The AK-47 Aqua Fire is a rapid-fire water pistol modelled on the original Kalashnikov model.
  • Shoots 4 ‘bullets’ of water per second.
  • Doesn’t rely on pump-action.
  • Only takes 60 seconds to discharge one clip.
  • 8 metre range.
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Made from clear plastic.
  • Suitable for ages 12 years +.

Now, for perspective’s sake, the original AK-47 fires 600 rounds per minute at an effective range of 300 meters when it’s fully automatic versus the Saturator’s 8 meters, but this is still scarily impressive.

You can buy it on I Want One of Those for ~$30; alas, it’s not currently shipping to the U.S.

(Stilsucht via NOTCOT)

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