Agents of SHIELD Gets Nine More Episodes in Its First Season

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Back when there was still some question as to whether ABC would pick up Agents of SHIELD at all, I joked that of course they were going to pick it up. Unless somebody at ABC had a severe allergy to money, and in that case it still might be better for them, all things considered, if they just invested in a supply of epipens.

Well, either they did invest in some precautions, or they’re allergy free, because Agents of SHIELD was just given the go ahead to film nine more episodes for its first season.

This sort of renewing is not uncommon for first time TV shows, and even has a clever name: a back nine order. Even when a network greenlights a pilot for production, it may still want to hedge its bets by ordering a shorter season than it would for a tested concept. Then, depending on how well the show does, the network may it will extend the first season, usually by nine episodes. And SHIELD has definitely pull through for the network.

Though it has slipped in ratings since its premiere, that somewhat to be expected: the first episode was the highest rated debut of a drama series in four years. And even with “0-8-4” and “The Asset” sliding from that spot, it’s still the best received new show of 2013 “adults 18-49.” The back nine order expands its season from thirteen to twenty-two episodes, which means that I’ll be recapping the show well into February or March.

Certainly nothing to cry about, especially considering that next week’s episode is directed by Roxann Dawson, Cheif Engineer B’Elanna Torres herself, and appears to feature a buttkicking woman of color as the main antagonist with a troubling secret about Phil Coulson’s past. Not bad for the highest rated show over a very wide demographic.

(via Deadline.)

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