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Agents of SHIELD Confirms Two New Comic Villains, Future of Mike Peterson


I’m not entirely certain that these panels are a depiction of the secondary Asgardian character Lorelei, but I am amused enough by Loki here to use it anyway. If you don’t want to find out what lies in store for J. August Richards‘ least lucky SHIELD character, then read no further.

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Marvel Entertainment has announced that when Agents of SHIELD returns from its latest two week hiatus, it will return with the revelation of a comics character who has never made it to screens before: Deathlok. So, no, they’re really not giving Mike Peterson any breaks.

Who’s Deathlok, you ask? It’s a name that Marvel has used for a whole series of different dudes who were turned into cyborgs, with origin stories that run the trope gamut from unstoppable government controlled killing machine to man struggling to control the homicidal computer intelligence within him to a guy who was resurrected as a cyborg in the future and then has his mind transferred into a clone of himself, gets sent back in time to the present, and eventually fights another clone of himself from the future.

Probably, Agents of SHIELD is just going to go with the cyborg under malevolent control angle, as the last we saw of Peterson he woke up with a bionic do-what-we-say-or-we’ll-blow-up-your-brains eye and a missing leg prime for the substitution of robot parts. But Marvel’s announcement wasn’t just about Deathlok.

It was also about the introduction of Lorelei, one of Marvel comics’ notable Asgardians, as the villain of an episode that will also feature Jaimie Alexander‘s Sif. The younger sister of the Enchantress, in Lorelei’s very first appearance she helped Loki to trick Sif. Much of the rest of her history involves being in love with Thor and a lot of love potions and mind control and at one point being embodied in the Destroyer. Hopefully they’ll just be using the “tricking Sif” angle when Elene Satine makes her debut as the Asgardian maiden alongside Stan Lee, who will also get his SHIELD cameo done in episode 15.

(via Deadline.)

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