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Age of Empires II HD Coming to Steam, Time to Brush Up on Your Wololos


You might recall the rumors of an Age of Empires II HD update that made the rounds earlier this week. If not, that’s okay, because it’s now empirical fact. Age of Empires II HD is officially a thing that’s happening on Steam, and we couldn’t be more excited. You may also remember this particular PC video game as the last time Age of Empires was any good.

It gets better, though. No only is this an HD remake, but it’s going to incorporate things like Steam Workshop support and Steam multiplayer. That’s right; you can play Age of Empires II HD with all your Steam friends. It’s pretty much the dream come true for everyone that played the game as a child.

The game’s coming exclusively to Steam, and Hidden Path Entertainment‘s picked up development duties now that Ensemble Studios no longer exists. Score one for Valve, though, as the current $19.99 price — discounted to $17.99 until it launches on April 9th — will absolutely line their pockets and then some.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

Oh, and here’s a little something extra:

You’re welcome.

(Steam via GameSpot, Polygon)

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