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Preview Clip of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Gives Us Another Adama Maneuver


The Battlestar class ship known as the Galactica is a fully FTL capable battleship that lacks the ability to sustain atmospheric flight, housing a number of smaller and more versatile Viper class fighters that lack the ability to transport themselves across vast distances instantaneously. These facts are familiar to fans of the series, right along with Admiral William Adama’s subversion of these limitations during the events of New Caprica, in which he jumped the Galactica in to the high atmosphere of New Caprica, allowing his Viper pilots to completely bypass the Cylon blockade on the planet, but giving the Galactica mere moments to spin up its FTL drive for another jump before it cratered into the ground with all hands.

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Does this preview clip from Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, a long awaited BSG webseries premiering tomorrow show us something as cool as the Adama Maneuver. Certainly not in scale, but in sheer bloody guts? I feel like there’s an argument to be made. Probably folks are already having it in the YouTube comments.

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